We help athletes<br> and non-sportsmen<br> back to their feet

We help athletes
and non-sportsmen
back to their feet

We offer a comprehensive programme of rehab care, physiotherapy,
ortopaedics and sports care medicine.
Each of us is unique and deserve an individual approach.
Our team of specialists will create a made-to-measure treatment plan for you.

Treatment of real causes,<br> not just symptoms

Treatment of real causes,
not just symptoms

  • professional preventive programme, diagnostics
    and treatment of diseases of skeleto-muscular system
  • treatment of acute and chronic problems,
    injuries’ repecussions,
    congenital as well as acquired defects
  • shortening of treatment time
    to an absolute minimum compared to common methods

Pain relief and back<br> to 100% health without surgery

Pain relief and back
to 100% health without surgery

  • comprehensive programme from neurological examination, infusions,
    physiotherapy all the way to highly efficient lymphatic massages
  • practice of correct body posture and advice
    in area of work environment ergonomics

Successful treatment thanks to cooperation<br> and knowledge of doctors and physio therapist

Successful treatment thanks to cooperation
and knowledge of doctors and physio therapist

  • quick relief from acute pain
    with most modern devices and technologies
  • programmes for correction of body posture
    during the most common daily
    and/or sports activities
  • none or minimum waiting times for 1st appointment

Compete therapy based on precise diagnostics<br> with help of the state of the art methods

Compete therapy based on precise diagnostics
with help of the state of the art methods

  • deep analysis and diagnostics with the help of ultrasound,
    X-ray, blood and immunology tests
  • special treatment therapy with use of modern technologies,
    blood plasma and physio care
  • extremely good results leading to complete healing within 2-3 weeks

Rehab care under supervision of professionals<br> with the help of the most modern rehab care devices

Rehab care under supervision of professionals
with the help of the most modern rehab care devices

  • comprehensive complex therapy made
    to measure for the patient and injured spot
  • precise ultrasound diagnostics,
    high quality physio care and targeted exercise
  • complex approach shortens treatment period by up to 50%

Special procedures for both professional<br> and recreational sportsmen

Special procedures for both professional
and recreational sportsmen

  • Programme under the supervision
    of specialists MDs and therapists
  • Correct movement habits, effective
    muscle strenghtening, pre-activity prep care
  • Body composition analysis, therapy,
    regeneration and diet advice

Barna Medical

What we have excellent results

Back Aches

Thanks to precise analisys we can treat the real cause of your back problems bringing pain relief within first few days of treatment

Tendons' inflammation

After a quick ultrasound check, we immediately start a targeted rehab care. At our clinic, there are more possibilities than just corticosteroids and recommended rest.

Torn muscles

Precise diagnostics and modern devices used speed up the healing. Timely rehab care shortens the treatment by up to 50%.

Post-Injury Rehab Care

We create made-to-measure efficient programme which is comprehensive and complex and combines knowledge from many medicinal fields.

Peripheral Neuropathy / Peripheral Nerves and Traumatic Injury

Precise neurological diagnostics, newest scientific developments and thoroughly individual attitude to each patient bring the best results,



For a year and a half I could not play tennis having been diagnosed with Tennis Elbow. Only Dr Barna's therapy helped me to return to my active lifestyle.
Zbyněk Hroneš

Dislocated dics put me out of workiing order for a long time. I tried everything but only the specialists from Barna Medical Clinic helped my injury to heal completely.
Hana Jenčová

I was brought to the Clinic by a 'classic': torn cruciated ligament. After dislocation of a spinal disc, my body is currently maintained by Petr Strnad, BA. His expertise and willingness to go to great lenghts even in non-standard...
Ing. Petr Šimčák

From the first visit, the attitude of all staff very helpful, professional and friendly with a clear objective to help clients continuously from current difficulties. Although sometimes my pain lumbar hear, thanks to them, I know how to help. I really recommend it.
Jiří Kroft

We will contact you

We will contact you

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The acuteness of your condition
  • fresh injury
  • chronic problem
  • other acuteness

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