Achilles´ tendon inflammation

Achilles´ tendon inflammation

The Achilles´ tendon is the largest tendon within the human body and can deal with extreme high loads. Nevertheless, it is prone to very painful inflammations which can very rapidly result into more serious Achilles´ tendon crack or even a rupture. Thus don´t underestimate primary symptoms and make an appointment with our specialists. Thanks to our up to date methods and high-end technology our team consisting of doctors and physiotherapists is able to achieve a significant improvement within the first three weeks in 95 % of all cases.

What are the Achilles´ tendon inflammation causes

The Achilles´ tendon inflammation is usually caused by a long-term, one sided-overload to which the calf muscle is exposed.
This tends to happen due to an overload related to exercise when the foot frequently bumps onto solid ground. Thus, it mostly affect professional as well as recreational sportsmen, i.e. runners, basketball players or football players. We can avoid numerous of these disease-causing factors, yet we do have to bear in mind that the human body undergoes changes during our life which means that both the volume of sports and exercise has to be adapted to and the current health status. We have already experienced cases where people overestimate their own strength, run on a hard or uneven surface, where the cause of the problem may be an abrupt movement or result from putting on inappropriate or old shoes, or from skipping the pre-sport warm-up and stretching following the sports activity.

How does the inflammation manifest itself

Microscopic cracks can occur in tendons due to long-term overload. This causes the inflammation that can occur a long time before we feel the pain.

At first, this illness manifests itself in the form of a stiff or swollen tendon. The next phase includes severe pain and in extreme cases, this pain doesn´t even fade away during everyday activities or even when being at rest. Quite frequently, patients may sense the Achilles´ tendon pain that actually results from the surrounding tissues, it originates e.g. in the calf muscle. That´s another reason why an exact diagnosis established thanks to high-end technical equipment so important.

How do we heal you?

We do not restrict ourselves to prescribing you to rest, taking medicine or applying corticoids that have significant side-effects. Our approach is different. We exactly examine the affected area via ultrasound which helps our specialist to define the proper cause and the scope of problems. We immediately start a rehab scheme and  apply blood plasma, collagen as well as hyaluronic acid containing products which altogether are method that have gained support via most recent scientific findings. Understandably, the treatment also means you have to rest and undergo physiotherapy, the aim of which is to change the tendon load ergonomy, which is adapted to your needs.

The first examination – what can you expect?

  • Entry examination by a doctor
  • Ultrasound diagnostic measures and diagnosis
  • Setting up an individualized treatment plan

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