Sports medicine


What does sports medicine mean?

Sports medicine is comprised of knowledge, methods and approaches from several fields and medical branches. It´s closely linked to orthopaedics, traumatology, physiology of the musculoskeletal apparatus, and equally so with counselling services, psychology and healthy eating.
It is this holistic approach and our doctors´ multifaceitous specializations and focus that enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive treatment program based upon the most modern scientific methods.

Who is sports medicine designed for?

The title of this medical specialization field might suggest that sports medicine is intended for professional sportsmen only but that´s not the case. We focus on recreational and occasional sportsmen as well. Established wrong movement patterns in sports may cause chronical problems which is why we teach our patients how to rectify these mistakes.

And equally, we treat injuries of the muscles, sinews etc. Patients with health limitations (e.g. cardiac patients, diabetes patients) are being helped by an optimized exercise plan.

What makes us so special?

We put a significant stress on prevention. We believe that this most important sports medicine sector is still underestimated especially in relation to the youth in the Czech Republic, if we compare this with other countries. That´s why we teach sportsmen to carry out movements properly, to effectively strengthen the in-depth stabilisation mechanism of our body and we also teach the sportsmen how to prepare themselves for a sports performance which prevents subsequent overburdening or injuries.
Healing injuries or illnesses originating during sports activities is merely during the next phase. Even in this case, we apply most modern treatment methods. Thanks to an exact diagnosis, we are able to trace back the real causes of the bodily disharmonies that lead to the injuries/illnesses themselves. Removing the cause then truly heals the patient.

What are we offering you within the scope of sports medicine?

Body analysis – the comprehensive Tanita body analyzer offers a perfect overview regarding the body composition and all of the bodily functions. This device assesses the cardiovascular system health status, recommends the level of load and regeneration etc.

High-end rehabilitation centre – our physiotherapists participate in a lifelong learning system. The personalized approach to each and every patient is important to us.

Most modern instrument therapy – e.g. oscillation, shock wave treatment, TECAR therapy, SIRIO ultrasound etc. All these methods significantly sped up the healing process within the body.

Effective regeneration methods – lymphatic drainage and oscillation stimulates the lymph stream, help in removing oedema and burdening metabolites and also speed up contusions.

Comprehensive approach – The reason for pain we feel in the joints may be that some paired body organs. We incorporate acupuncture a acupressure.

Organism detoxification – thanks to the detoxification, we bring your organism into the ideal bioenergy balance which speeds up healing inflammatory issues.

Nutrition counselling – we are offering you the set-up of a nutrition plan aiming at a proper fitness, better performance, but also to adapting your diet within the competition period.



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