Post-injury and Post-surgery rehabilitation

Post-injury and post-surgery rehabilitation

Treating post-injury and post-surgery health-related problems

Injuries or surgeries are often accompanied by unpleasant oedema and pain which in turn put significant limits to the patients as far as movements in everyday life and during sports are concerned. Trust our Barna Medical specialists who set-up a personalized treatment plan that shall furthermore include the most modern methods.
A timely physiotherapy speeds up regeneration and relieves from pain. It furthermore protects you from newly emerging movement habits and this actually reduces the time when you can be exposed to full load again.

What kind of problems can we address

  • Broken bones or health problems following a plaster fixation
  • Soft tissue injuries (tendons, sinews, joint capsules)
  • Shoulder dislocation, heavy or repeated distortions of the ankle joint
  • Post-treatment following multiple injuries
  • Post-surgery statuses after knee-surgeries (sinew plastic surgery, meniscus surgery), shoulder surgeries or ankle surgeries
  • Complications after spinal surgeries etc.

How do we heal you? 

Our specialists from the field of surgery, rehabilitations and physiotherapy step forward in cooperation and according to sophisticated post-surgery and post-injury methods based upon the latest medicine knowledge. A team of experienced doctors carries out a fast and exact diagnosis using the ultrasound, x-ray and, if needed, the magnetic resonance method.
Thanks to our proactive attitude, we are able to set-up a targeted treatment plan for you already within the acute phase when you have some health-related problems by which we minimize the reconvalescence period to a minimum. During this therapy we use most modern machines and methods that are indeed the absolute high-end of physical medicine. That´s what makes us so special in comparison to other facilities that frequently prefer merely the treating the health related problem with merely resting which in turn prolongs the healing or curing period.

Our specialist will offer you the proper combination of a lymphatic drainage and an enzyme therapy. 

The whole treatment process is significantly speeded up by the low-frequency SIRIO ultrasound and the TECAR therapy. The TECAR therapy increases energy potential of the cells in the treatment area where the patients immediately senses a pain relief. At the same time, the tension within the tissue is decreased and blood circulation improves.
The advantage is that this therapy may be started already on the day where you suffer the injury or on the day following right after your surgery date and this significantly shortens the reconvalescence period.

As far as the healing of torn muscles, tendons and sinews or the removal of scars or adhesions are concerned, we achieve the best results by blood plasm application.
Tremendous results within the post-surgery treatment are achieved via the infusion therapy of the well-known vitamin C. This vitamin is indispensable for creating protein creation that forms a part of the wound healing and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In comparison to pill administration, an up to thirty minutes long infusion is entirely safe and speeds up the absorption within the body.

The first examination – what can you expect?

  • Entry examination by a doctor
  • Ultrasound-, x-ray or magnetic resonance examination and diagnosis
  • Setting up an individualized treatment plan



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