Peripheral nerves and traumatic injuries / Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral nerves and traumatic injuries / Peripheral neuropathy

What does peripheral neuropathy mean?

Peripheral neuropathy is an unpleasant and painful illness caused by damaged peripheral nerves and creating limits both in everyday life and in sports. It´s frequently accompanied by a decreased arm or feet sensitivity but may even affect other parts of the body.
Once you detect any of the symptoms, just ask for our specialists´ help. The vast experience of the Barna Medical specialists, the use of a high-end medical technology as well as comprehensive treatment methods will help you in rapidly and effectively returning to your usual lifestyle.

The causes of peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a damage caused to the peripheral nerves meaning that both individual 

nerves or several nerve bundles can be damaged at once. These health problems tend to be caused by numerous factors.
The typical cause of such an illness is e.g. an infection, an accident-related nerve damage, metabolic disorders, congenital defects, medical or alcohol consumption, immune disorders, decreased vitamin levels, diabetes or kidney- or liver diseases and several tumors etc.

How does peripheral neuropathy manifest itself?

The illness manifests itself by a muscular weakness, a sudden insensitivity or a pins and needles feeling in your arms of feet that may go up your limbs. Frequently, patients feel a stabbing or a burning-like feeling or they are extremely sensitive to touches. In more severe cases, patients lose the power to coordinate their movements which in turn may even lead to falls. Often, different symptoms appear at one time.

How do we heal you?

A successful treatment includes an exact neurologic diagnosis and an entirely personalized approach to individual patients which builds upon the most modern scientific knowledge. That´s why we do not promote traditional methods that offer a slow a frequently incomplete improvement.
We are prepared to set up a treatment plan tailored according to health status and the individual needs of the respective patient. Our approach is a comprehensive one and we are combining both classical medicine methods and the most modern physical therapy, as well as an alternative holistic approach.
We achieve the best results when we are using the SIRIO device, special and targeted energy stimulation of the nerves, oscillation, the Tecar therapy VEGA in combination with lymphatic drainage, furthermore – a specialist physiotherapy aiming at exercises and facilitating weakened muscles or at sensomotorics and last but not least acupuncture needs to be mentioned

First examination – what can you expect?

  • Entry examination by a doctor 
  • EMG examination and diagnosis
  • Setting up an individualized treatment plan


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