Spinal problems, acute backache, spinal pain

Spinal problems, acute backache


Backache is one of the most frequent civilisation diseases that torments up to 80 % of our population at least once in their lifetime. It´s necessary to remember that in most cases, the back problems are not caused by a spinal illness. That´s why we even more keep an eye on reliably detecting the true cause of the problems.
Thanks to our vas experience, our specialists are able to rapidly and effectively help you in returning to a fully-fledged life without health complications and to maximum sports results.

What are the most frequent causes to backache? 

Given the hectic time we live in, may people limit physical exercise to a minimum, or oppositely overload their musculoskeletal system. Consequently, a disease very often emerges in connection to a wrong posture of our body or inappropriate exercise or breathing habits. All this may be a precursor to degenerative spinal changes. Yet even congenital defects may be a cause.


Acute backache fades out within a maximum period of 3-6 weeks and mostly, they are caused by overstrained muscles, which in turn significantly limit the spectrum of our movements.


A chronical disease is a situation where the problems may last even for several months. They are not that intense yet occur more frequently and can pester everyday life. Usually, they are manifested by a decreased spinal movability and may even cause tormenting pain.

How do we cure backache?

Backache may be caused by numerous hidden issues. We do not rely on a casual examination and on merely curing the symptoms with tranquilizers and medicine. 
A successful treatment stems from the correct diagnosis as well as an entirely personalized approach to individual patients. The first step to successfully healing a patient is relieving him or her from pain through rehab methods – depending upon the cause of the pain.

As far as long-term problems are concerned, we intend to correct the bad posture of the musculoskeletal apparatus and to exercise casual daily or sports activities. Thus we are healing the actual 


cause of your problems or illnesses.

The first examination – what can you expect?

  • Entry examination by a doctor
  • In-depth examination and diagnosis
  • Setting up an individualized treatment plan

What our professional facility can offer you

  • An successful backache treatment thanks to our specialists´ vast experience in medicine and physiotherapy
  • A comprehensive physiotherapeutic technique
  • Applying the most modern methods and means of physical therapy
  • Short waiting hours



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