Treatment with OSCILLATION

What is an OSCILLATION treatment?

Our patients are treated with the most advanced instrumentation. One of the most effective methods of recent physical therapy is based on the principle of oscillation. A unique device from Physiomed creates biologically effective oscillation (vibration) in tissues using electrostatic attraction and friction.
Oscillation treatment has a deep effect, attenuates pain and significantly speeds up recovery time. This therapy along with other treatments will help accelerate the return to normal life or sport. Barna Medical is one of the few centres in the Czech Republic where this device is available.

What are the benefits of the treatment with OSCILLATION?

Treatment with oscillation is fast, effective, painless and can be started immediately on the first day after the accident. 
Oscillation treatment is also recommended for patients with chronic diseases often associated with undesirable tissue stiffening. Oscillation helps relax and improves blood supply to the affected site. Damaged nerve functions are improved as well.

Examples of the use of oscillations in practice

The attending physician will decide on the inclusion of oscillation therapy into your comprehensive treatment plan according to your needs. Oscillation is most often used to treat:

  • swelling, bruising and scarring in early and late postoperative care
  • inflammatory conditions resulting from the unilateral overload of the musculoskeletal system (e.g. inflammation of Achilles tendon, tennis / golf elbow, jumper's knee, cross arm, etc.).
  • heel spurs
  • arthritis of the joints
  • torn muscle (acute phase)
  • all post-traumatic conditions
  • damage to the head and limbs after stroke

How is the treatment provided?

An oscillating head is attached to the affected area, causing mild vibrations of the tissue. The treatment is completely painless and takes about 20 minutes. This method is most often combined with lymphatic massage, detoxification of the body, magnetic therapy, and in some cases even the shock wave. We recommend alkalising (deacidification) of the organism to our clients - it improves healing and remedial processes in the body.


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