Focused Shockwave

Focused Shockwave

This type of therapy uses the effect of focused acoustic shockwaves generated using the electromagnetic principle. Unlike the radial shockwave, this wave is converging, which means that all its radiated energy focuses on a small area and affects one spot at a greater depth.

This gentle method can provide relief from a range of problems caused by excessive strain, injury or operation. It is very effective in helping athletes to get back on their feet.

Fast pain relief and effective recovery for our patients is our priority. Hence, for the treatment we use modern methods and latest technology from world-renown manufacturers.

How the method works

A special handpiece allows the focused shockwave to target the exact cause of pain. With a precise intensity adjustment, the device directs the energy to the problematic area, which makes the treatment very effective. While radial shockwave affects the tissues nearer the surface, focused wave treats tissues located up to 6.5 cm deep.

The energy wave causes 

reactions in soft tissues and simulates healing and regenerating processes that result in the formation of new blood vessels. It also contributes to the increase of bone structure, muscle and joint tissue and speeds up fracture healing.

Other than treating the painful area, we also search for the true cause of the problem. In order to maximise the effect, our specialists carry out a thorough examination of the patient and make a precise diagnosis. This allows them to prepare a 

complete treatment plan with other suitable procedures in addition to the focused shockwave therapy. In such case, our best results are shown when combining it with lymphatic massage, oscillation therapy or acupuncture, whose effects brilliantly complement each other and improve the results.

What conditions is this therapy for?

· inflammatory conditions in soft tissues  (Achilles tendonitistennis and golfer's el

bow, heel spur and other tendon pains)

· muscle, tendon and joint injuries

· shoulder pain, including frozen shoulder syndrome

· chronic spine pain

· knee problems resulting from excessive strain

· pains in the shin area, including tibial stress syndrome

· active painful scars


About the treatment

The procedures are carried out by our experienced physiotherapists. At first, they apply a special ultrasound gel onto your skin and then, using the handpiece, they search for painful areas and treat them.

The patient feels the effect of the shockwave energy as a vibration of sound waves through the skin, bringing immediate relief as of the first treatment. Pain and swelling are reduced after a series of treatments complemented by other therapeutic methods.


The focused shockwave therapy is not covered by health insurance.  Included is a radial shockwave treatment.

Price for the procedure is CZK 1,390.


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