TANITA body composition measurement

TANITA body composition measurement

Whether you intend to slim down a few pound or kilogram or maximize your sports performance, it is necessary to select the correct exercise plan and opt for the proper dietary scheme. Our clinic uses the TANITA BC 418 device to measure the proportion of muscles, fat and water contained in our body. The results then serve as a starting point for monitoring your progress on the way to the desired aim.

How does TANITA work

It is an entirely safe and well proven method. This machine is actually one of the very few devices that can evaluate the proportion of muscles, fat and bones within the human body based upon the resistance individual tissues pose. In contrasts to BMI or simpler devices that always measure just one half of the body, TANITA is much more precise as it manages to measure the proportion within our whole body. The measurement reveals to you the following:
  • Distribution of muscles, fat and bones within individual parts of our body
  • Internal fat index
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Body shape and the level of overload certain areas are exposed to
  • Overall muscle mass in % and kg
  • Overall fat in % and kg
  • Overall water content within the body in % and kg
  • Bone mass index
  • Cardiovascular illness risk based upon the fat between the organs
  • Progress monitoring within the training plan regarding to all values

On the way toward the desired aim

Ask your coach for an aerobic threshold test and a anaerobic threshold test. This method allows to determine the optimum load of exercise that differs depending upon the final target as it´s decisive whether it´s about a cardiovascular, a reduction program or rather a plan to build up more muscle mass under the guidance of an experienced coach. Furthermore, our specialized advisors are going to help you with setting up a proper dietary scheme including a balanced proportion of nutrition values depending upon what you intend to achieve. We recommend to combine the TANITA measurement with the microscopic blood drop examination. It detects the red blood cells capability to carry oxygen, and tells us about the pH level of the organism, about inflammations, fungi, bacteria or viruses and other issues. In combination with our specialists´ help, the results of both examinations will help you to dodge possible complications that can influence the health status and following that the sports performance.

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